Basic knowledge of swimming pool

2019-11-30 13:02:55

Basic knowledge of swimming pool

Standard swimming pool

They are all rectangular, with dimensions of 50x25m (10 lanes), 50x20m (8 lanes), 25x20m (8 lanes), 25x12.5m (6 lanes) and 25x10m (4 lanes). The water depth is 1.2-2.2m, and the 25m long pool is a short track pool. The standard swimming pool shall be equipped with departure platform, call line, backstroke mark line, swimming channel wave eliminating cable, and a 25x25m or 20x20m jump pool with a wave making system, with a water depth of 3.2-4.5m. Suitable for competition, training and open swimming venues, star hotels and clubs, healthy living water world (SPA) and colleges and universities.

Swimming pool classification

Standard competition pool:

50m × 25m × (1.8m-2.2m) for 10 lanes

50m × 21m × (1.8m-2.2m) for 8 lanes

Standard competition pool short pool:

25m × 21m × (1.8m-2.2m) for 8 lanes

25m × 16m × (1.8m-2.2m) for 6 lanes

diving pool:



Synchronized swimming pool

The water depth of the standard swimming pool and synchronized swimming pool shall not be less than 3.0m

The length, width and depth of public swimming pool, drama pool, wave making pool, slide pool, circulation River, massage pool and other pool types should refer to the relevant provisions of the latest national industry standards.