Look at hotel swimming pool design and safety requirements from examples

2020-07-30 10:50:16 hongling

Beauty is the blue sky and white clouds reflected in the swimming pool-see hotel swimming pool design and safety requirements from examples

Baoshan Yongchang Hotel Swimming Pool

       Baoshan Yongchang Hotel is a high-end business and vacation comprehensive hotel built in accordance with international luxury standards. The hotel integrates "business, conference, catering, and vacation", and it went into operation on June 10. Among them, the indoor swimming pool was designed and constructed by our Yunnan Xien. It is very beautiful. Several ceiling decorations with blue sky and white clouds are projected on the water. The water in the pool is blue and clear, and it feels like swimming in the clouds.

Baoshan Yongchang Hotel Swimming Pool

       Today we will introduce to you a little knowledge about hotel swimming pool swimming pool design and safety requirements. The hotel swimming pool design should comply with the latest and most stringent safety standards of the country and region where the hotel is located, and its location and evacuation methods must comply with local fire regulations It is stipulated that when necessary, swimming pool water can be used as a backup water source for the fire fighting system. In addition to the above requirements, the hotel swimming pool design and safety should also pay attention to other aspects.

Baoshan Yongchang Hotel Swimming Pool

       1. The swimming pool design should consider the use of the disabled and children, and its entry and exit design, showers, toilets, changing boxes, etc. should all take into account the use of the above groups.

       2. The swimming pool should be surrounded by flat ground. Avoid direct swimming pool wall and wall. The width of flat ground can be as follows:

       The width of flat ground in the area without recliner is ≥1000mm; the width of flat ground in the area with recliner is ≥3000mm.

       3. Specially designed swimming pools such as "infinity swimming pools" and "glass-side swimming pools" need to be individually assessed for their operational safety.

Sheraton Banna Hotel Swimming Pool

       4. The hotel swimming pool is not equipped with diving platforms and springboards for guests. Resort hotel swimming pools can be equipped with water slides, but the slides should meet:

       1) Products that meet the relevant national quality and safety standards should be used, and the products can also meet relevant international certifications such as UL certification as much as possible;

       2) The slide should be weighted to prevent the influence of strong wind. At the same time, the slide can be installed and fixed firmly to ensure use, but also can be removed to facilitate maintenance, replacement or storage;

       3) Slides with longer slides;

       4) A buffer device is installed at the end of the slide to avoid injury caused by excessive speed;

       5) Children's slides should be designed with water flow to reduce sliding friction.

Sheraton Banna Hotel Swimming Pool

       5. The location of the management and life-saving personnel must be set up in the swimming pool area to ensure that the entire pool area can be monitored in all directions without obstruction.

       6. The swimming pool needs to be designed to enter the water body through steps or vertical ladders. The height of each step of the steps into the pool is not more than 150mm, and the depth of the step surface is not less than 260mm. At least two climbing ladders should be installed in the deep water area.

       7. Pool water quality requirements:

       1) Temperature requirement: 27℃±1℃;

       2) PH value: 7.2~7.6;

       3) Turbidity: 0.10FTU;

       4) Free residual chlorine: 0.3~0.6mg/L;

       5) Indoor swimming pool air temperature: 2℃ higher than the pool water temperature.

Sheraton Banna Hotel Swimming Pool

       8. Swimming pool water circulation: counter-current, mixed-flow or co-current can be used. The hotel indoor swimming pool should avoid the use of DC system. However, DC systems can be used for natural hot spring swimming pools, children's pools, etc.

       9. Pool water cycle: 4-6 hours.

       10. The minimum replenishment amount of indoor swimming pool should ensure that the pool water is replaced once a month, but this requirement should not conflict with the regulations of the local health and epidemic prevention department.

Dali International Hotel Swimming Pool

       11. Swimming pool circulating pump. In the case of meeting the cycle cycle requirements, there is a spare pump, and the swimming pool total circulating pump should not be less than two.

       12. The flow rate of the outlet pipe of the swimming pool circulation system is ≤2.5m/s, and the flow rate of the return pipe is ≥1.0m/s.

       13. It is recommended to use a plate and frame diatomaceous earth filter for the swimming pool filter to better ensure the water quality of the swimming pool.

Dali International Hotel Swimming Pool

       14. The selection of the swimming pool water heating system should ensure that the initial water filling and heating time does not exceed 24 hours.

       15. For two or more swimming pools (such as adult pool and children's pool) that use the same circulation system, the design of the piping system should ensure that the circulation flow ratio is balanced and any one of the swimming pools can be drained separately.

       16. Disinfection tank: the effective depth of the disinfectant is not less than 0.15 meters.

Dali International Hotel Swimming Pool

       17. Swimming pool depth and shape:

       1) Pool water depth. Pool water depth refers to the vertical distance from the decorative bottom surface of the swimming pool to the overflow surface of the pool. The depth of the indoor swimming pool can vary. The shallow water depth of the adult swimming pool is not less than 1.0 m, and the deep water area is not more than 1.55 meters. The proportion of the shallow water area to the total water area is not less than 20% and not more than 30%. The slope of the shallow-to-deep-water transition slope should not be greater than 1:10. The depth of the children’s pool is not more than 0.6 meters;

       2) Pool shape. The indoor swimming pool is as regular as possible with a rectangle separated by lanes. Irregularly shaped swimming pools should try to avoid narrow waterways and sharp corners.

Dali Wucaiyun Hotel Swimming Pool

       18. Decoration:

       1) Use non-slip mosaic or similar materials on the surrounding platform and pool bottom;

       2) The surrounding area of the indoor swimming pool and the roof glass should consider the water hanging phenomenon caused by the difference of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and try to use double-layer glass;

       3) The solid wall adopts stone;

       4) The ceiling adopts waterproof coating. Considering the high humidity of the swimming pool environment and the shallow chemical corrosion of water vapor, stainless steel should be used or a reliable anti-rust treatment should be carried out.

Dali Wucaiyun Hotel Swimming Pool

       19. Lighting:

       1) Use underwater 12V low-voltage safety lights, the distance between the lights is not more than 3 meters;

       2) The overall illuminance of the swimming pool environment should not be less than 300Lux, and the installation position of the ceiling lighting is required to be convenient for maintenance;

       3) The swimming pool must be equipped with at least two emergency lights.

       20. Equipped with complete safety and life-saving equipment.

       21. Other facilities: timer, pool bottom dirt cleaning machine, lane separation buoy, temperature, hygrometer, etc.

Dali Wucaiyun Hotel Swimming Pool

       22. Swimming pool marking regulations:

       1) The water depth mark of the swimming pool. Indicate the interface where the depth of shallow water and deep water and the depth of the swimming pool change. The color of the logo should be clearly distinguished from the color of the surrounding decoration. In addition to the people on the shore can clearly find out, the people in the pool are also easy to find and identify;

       2) "No diving" sign;

       3) Not suitable for swimming warning signs. It is necessary to warn the body of all conditions that are not conducive to swimming or long-term swimming, including old and weak, patients with various chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, etc., various past medical histories such as epilepsy, stroke, and other medical histories such as Alzheimer’s, Mental illness, various short-term discomforts such as excessive drinking, acute diarrhea, and possible skin allergies to the pool water that has been chemically treated. In addition, all carriers of various disease sources and drug users who transmit through water bodies need to be clearly warned;

       4) Fire protection, safety evacuation, entry and exit directions, non-slip warning, employee area, "beware of glass" and other signs.