Common water treatment projects in swimming pools involve problems three

2020-07-30 10:49:22 hongling

Common water treatment projects in swimming pools involve problem three:


     The swimming pool has little effect as a water treatment system.



Swimming pools are different from paddling pools in that the swimming pool has a long open time, a large amount of applications, a deep water level and many sources of pollution. If you don’t build a water treatment system, and rely on a large amount of medicine and suction to maintain it, the chemical effect of the medicine will affect the physical and mental health of the experiencer, and it is also easy to spread diseases. In addition, the use of tap water and the cost of water quality management are becoming more and more expensive. If water treatment is not done, it is very wasteful for investors to simply replace the swimming pool water body frequently.

     The water treatment system uses high-efficiency filtration systems and filtration equipment to filter or absorb organic pollutants in the water, and minimize the addition of chemical agents; greatly control the input cost and operating cost; the treatment effect is significantly different, so the water treatment system is Indispensable system configuration for all commercial swimming pools and family swimming pools.